Aruch Completum sive Lexicon vocabula et res, quae in libris Targumicis, Talmudicis et Midraschicis. continentur, explicans auctore Nathane filio Jechielis. 8 Vols. in 6. (Hebrew Edition)
KOHUT, Alexander.   (No.101-18062)

Commentary to the Pentateuch. 3 Vols.
A facsimile edition based on various editions, with a foreword.
SHOR, R. Joseph Bechor.  Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18051)

Sefer ha-Mashbir. 2 Vols. A Dictionary to the Talmud and Midrashim.
A reprint in two volumes of the Warsaw 1858 edition, with additional introductory remarks.
SCHONHAK, Joseph.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18052)

Sefer Sarid Ba-Arachin. A reprint of the Berlin 1864 edition, with additional introductory remarks. Explanations, emendations and corrections to the Arch.
LINDERMAN, S. B.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18053)

’’Behinat Ha-Mizvot'' and ''Behinat Kiyyum Ha-Mizvot'' Facsimile edition of the Breslau 1931 edition, with a foreword.
GUTTMANN, Yehiel M.  Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18054)

Sefer Ha-Miluim Le-Aruch. A dictionary to the Talmud and Midrashim.
A Reprint of the Warsaw 1869 edition, with additional introductory remarks.
SCHONHAK, R. Joseph.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18055)

Sefer Hagahot he-Aruch. (Reproduced from the Frankfurt edition of Beit Aaron, 1890).
Kuntres Moreh be-Ezba. (Reproduced from the Solonika edition of Yad Neemen, 1804)
R. Aaron Fuld of Frankfurt.  R. Abraham b. R. Samuel of Jaronda.
Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18056)    ¥3,000

Sefer he-Aggur. Notes and additions to the Aruch. (A riprint of the Buber 1888 edition, with additional introductory remarks.)
R. Samuel b. R. Jacob Jama.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18057)    ¥3,000

Maaracha Likrat Maaracha. Emendations and corrections to the Aruch. (A reprint of the Vilna 1871 edition, with additional introductory remarks.)
Ephraim Zalman Halevi from Vilna.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18058)    ¥3,000

The Brief in Angels in the Bible and in Early Israel. Vol. 2.
ROFE, Alexander.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1979 (no. 46-18059)    ¥2,000

The Aggadah in the Armaic Targums to the Pentateuch. Vol. 1.
SHINAN, Avigdor.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1978 (no. 46-18060)    ¥3,000

''For Three... and for Four''. The pattern of the numerical sequence three-four in the Bible. Vol. 1.
ZAKOVITCH, Yazir.   Makor Publishing (Jersalem) 1979 (no. 46-18061)    ¥3,000


ヘブライ語写本ファクシミリ版コレクション 28点44冊

ヘブライ語写本ファクシミリ版コレクション 28点44冊
The Collection of the Hebrew Manuscripts Facsimile Edition 44 Vols.

1. Sefardi Collection of Piyyutim for Fast Days and Special Sabbaths. 3 Vols.
Introduction by Prof. D. S. Lowinger & J. Yahalom. Indices by A. Hazan.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1973

2.  Babylonian Talmud, Codex Florence, Florence National Library II I 7-9, The earliest dated Talmud manuscript, Containing the following tractates: Berachot, Bechorot, Temurah, Karetot, Tamid, Me'ilah, Kinin, Baba Kama, Baba Meziah, Baba Batra, Senhedrin, Shevu'ot. (A Limited Edition of 160 Copies.) 3 Vols.
Including an Introduction by David Rosenthal.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

3. Midrash Bereshit Rabba, Codex Vatican 60 (Ms. Vat. Ebr. 60). A Previously unknown manuscript, recently established as the earliest and most important version of bereshit rabba. (A limited facsimile edition of 160 copies, by special permission of the bibliotheca Apostolica Vaticana.)
A Page Index by Rabbi A. P. Sherry.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

4. Homilies on the Pentateuch. by R. Shem Tov Ben Shem Tov Ed. Venice, 1547. (Facsimile edition in 260 copies photographed from an extremely rare copy in the collection of Mr. Naphtali Lidschitz of Haifa.)
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1974

5. Bible-Hagiographa. Codex Berlin Or. Qu. 680 - Codex New York JTS 510. One of the earlist extant  bible manuscripts, of particular importance due to its ancient Babylonian text, Massorah and Vocalisation,. The major portion of the manuscript is in the staatsbibliothek, Berlin, while the Minor part of the manuscript is in the library of the Jewish theological seminary, New York.
Introduction by Israel Yevin.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

6. Targum to the Former Prophets. Codex New York 229. From the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
Introductry Remarks by Prof, A. Diez Macho.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1974

7. Geniza Fragments of Rabbinic Literature Mishna, Talmud and Midrash with Palestinian Vocalization.
Edited with Introduction & Indices by Prof. Nehemya Alloni.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1973

8. Mishna Codex Parma ''C'', De Rossi 984. (A limited facsimile edition of 160 copies, by special permission of the Bibliotheca Palatina, Parma)
Sedarim Nashim Nezikin with the Hebrew version of Maimonides' Commentary.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1971

9. Sefer Ta'amei Ha-Mikra which is Instructions to the Reader of the Bible, Author Unknown. An early biblical grammatical treatise originating in the Tiberian circle, which gives instructions for the correct reading of the Biblical text according to the Tiberian tradition. A reprint of the Paris edition printed by J. Merkerus with a new introduction.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1978-1979

10. Babylonian Talmud. Tractate Hullin. Codex Hamburg 169. An important manuscript of Tractate Hullin, containing numerous textual variants. Of vital interest are the textual notes and variants sollected by a late scribe and entered into the margins of the text. These notes are based on manuscripts and traditions otherwise unavailable. (A Facsimile edition of 160 Copies.)
A Page Concordance  Index by Rabbi A. F. Sherry.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

11. Sefer Halachot Gedolot. Codex Paris 1402. (140 Photocopies, by special permission of the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.)
Introduction by Shraga Abramson.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1971

12. Pirke De Rabbi Eliezer. A Critical Edition Codex C. M. Horowitz. A complete critical edition of Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer as prepared by C. M. Horwitz but never published. Include textual variants from fifteen manuscripts, notes, commentaries and parallels from Rabbinic literature. (An edition of 200 photocopies of the editor's original manuscript, from his personal copy of the Pirke De Rabbi Eliezer.) With an Introduction.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

13. A Collection of Mishnaic Geniza Fragments with Babylonian Vocalization, with Description of the Manuscripts and Indices. (A limited facsimile edition of 360 numbered copies.)
Edited by Prof. Israel Yeivin.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1974

14. Abrahami Ibn Ezra's Commentary to the Pentateuch. Vatican Manuscript Vat. Ebr. 38. (A limited facsimile edition of 360 numbered copies leather bound by hand.)
Introduction and Index by Prof. Etan Levine.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1974

15. Torath Cohanim (Sifra). Seder Eliyahu Rabba and Zutta. Codex Vatican 31.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1971

16. Midrash Leviticus Rabbah, Sifre Numbers Deutoronomy. Codex Vatican 32, Vat. Ebr. 32. (A limited facsimile edition of 160 copies, by special permission of the Vatican Library.) With an introduction and page index.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1972

17. Sefer Halachot Pesuqut by Rav Jehudai Gaon. Codex Sassoon 263. (a limited facsimile edition of 200 copies)
Introduction by Shraga Abramson.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1971

18. Mishne Torah of Maimonides Moses ben Shealtiel edition. Spain or Portugal before 1492 or 1497. Facsimile Edition of the Copy in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. (A limited Facsimile edition of 390 numbered copies.)
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1975  背イタミ有

19. Halakhot Rabbati of R. Isaac Alfasi. Ms. Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Rab. 692. 2 Vols.
Reprodeced in Facsimile with an Introduction by Prof. Shamma Friedman.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1974

20. Talmud Yerushalmi. Codex Leiden, Scal. 3. A Limited facsimile edition of the manuscript. 4 Vols.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem

21. Pentateuch, Prophets and Hagiographa. Codex Leningrad B 19A. The Earlist Complete Bible Manuscript. (A limited facsimile edition of 135 copies by special permission of the Leningrad Library) 2 Vols.
With an Introduction by Prof. D. S. Loewinger.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem

22. The Pentateuch with the Masorah Parva and the Masorah Magna and with Targum Onkelos. Ms. Vat. Heb. 448. (A limited facsimile edition of 390 numbered copies) 2 Vols.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1971

23. Talmud Yerushalmi Codex Vatican. Vat. Ebr. 133. (135 copies, by special permission of the bibliotheca apostolica Vaticana)
Introduction by Prof. S. Liberman.
A Page Concordance Index to the Venice edition by Rabbi A. P. Sherry.
Makor Publishing  Jerusalem

24. Midrash Bereshit Rabba. Ms. Vat. Ebr. 30. (Published by special permission of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana in a limited edition of 135 copies)
Makor Publishing  Jerusalem

25. The Pentateuch, A Yemenite Manuscript. (Facsimile edition of 390 copies of a manuscript of the Pentateuch, in accordance with the Yemenite tradition, with the Targum, Tafsir of Sa'adya Gaon and the Collecteana of R. Yahya Siani) 3 Vols.
Introductory Note on the Parasha-Tag tradition of Yemenite Jewry.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1978  Vol. 1の背イタミ有.

26. Halachot of R. Yitzhak Alfasi. Ed. Constantinople 1509. (A limited facsimile edition of 290 numbered copies leather bound by hand) 4 Vols.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1973  Vol. 1の背イタミ有.

27. Targum Onkelos to the Pentateuch. A Collection of fragments in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York. A limited facsimile edition of 360 numbered copies) 2 Vols.
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem 1976

28. The Babylonian Talmud, Seder Nezikin, Codex Hambourg 165 (19) A facsimile of the original manuscript and a reprint of the Goldschmidt edition (Berlin, 1914) including a handdrawn reconstruction, introduction and notes by the editor. (A Limited edition of 135 copies, by special permission of Staats und Universitats Bibliothek, Hamburg)
Makor Publishing Ltd. Jerusalem



【大空社 アジア学叢書】 

第35回配本 紀行編 全8巻(第268~275巻)2013年  ¥80,000
268. イラン紀行 ノーデン著 斎藤大助訳 
269. 印度紀行/セイロン紀行 ペンネル著 柳沢保篤訳/レッティー著 石久保重好訳
270. スマトラ紀行/ジャヴァ紀行 筑紫二郎著/シェルテマ著 高柳春之助訳
271. ボルネオ紀行 その生活と資源を探る 小倉清太郎
272. 東印度紀行 島崎新太郎
273. 南方農業紀行 三木末武
274. 南方昆虫記 石井悌
275. 樺太紀行 北緯五十度の旅 若泉小太郎

第36回配本 旅行・案内記編 全6巻(第276~281) 2014刊  ¥80,000
276. 満州の旅 太原要著
277. 最新 支那旅行案内 改訂増補版 後藤朝太郎著
278. 蒙古案内記 附大同石仏案内記/支那蒙古遊記 岩崎継生著
279. 南洋旅行/台湾旅行 秋守常太郎著
280. 印度旅行記 天沼俊一著
281. 印度旅行 秋守常太郎著

第37回配本 華僑編 全7巻(第282~288巻) 2014年刊  ¥80,000
282. 華僑の研究 企画院編
283. 華僑問題と世界/華僑 その地位と保護に関する研究 黄警頑著 佐山貞雄訳/H・F・マックネヤ著 近藤修吾訳
284. 華僑 井出季和太
285. 増補 華僑史 成田節男著
286. 東亜共栄圏と南洋華僑 芳賀雄著
287. 南洋の華僑 後藤朝太郎著
288. 南洋の華僑 増訂版 南洋協会編

第38回配本 民俗編 全7回(第289~295巻) 2015年刊  ¥80,000
289. アジアの諸民族 バックストン著 厚生省人口問題研究所編訳
290. 印度民族史 外務省調査局監修
291. スマトラの民族 ローブ著 東亜研究所訳
292. 南太平洋の民族と文化 ブシャン著 小堀甚二訳
293. トルコ・その民族と歴史 レンギル著 荒井武雄訳
294. ブリヤート蒙古民族史 クドリヤフツエフ著 蒙古研究所訳
295. 外郭アジアの民族と文化 ビーハン著 本田弥太郎・伊藤浩夫訳

【シリーズ近代アジア研究文献目録】 第2期配全7巻(第9~15巻) 1996年刊  ¥60,000
第9巻 東亜経済調査局所蔵 邦華文図書目録
第10巻 南洋経済研究所所蔵図書目録
第11巻 東亜研究所 南方地域邦文資料目録
第12巻 東亜研究所 邦文雑誌重要記事索引南方之部
第13巻 南方関係資料目録
第14巻 南方地域文献資料目録
第15巻 増補 南方文献目録  



塩谷茂樹 E.プレブジャブ
大学書林 平成13年
カバー付き。良好。 (3-18021)

小沢重男 大学書林 平成5年
カバー付き。良好。 (3-18022)

小沢重男 大学書林  カバーイタミ有。 (3-18023)  ¥1,800

フフバートル著 小沢重男監修 たおフォーラム 1993
カバー付き。書込み有。 (302-18024)  ¥2,000

蒙古語入門 シリア系文字と文法
山中元 国際語学社 2006
カバー付き。良好。 (3-18025)  ¥1,500

八省区蒙古語文工作協作小組弁公室編 内蒙古人民出版社 1979
中文。良好。 (3-18026)  ¥4,000

蒙古游牧記 (中国辺境叢書第一集)
張穆著 李毓澍編 文海出版社 中華民国54年
中文。良好。 (3-18027)  ¥3,000

布林特古斯編 内蒙古教育出版社 1977
経年良好。 (3-18028)  ¥3,000

哈勘楚倫 文史哲出版社(台北) 中華民国67年
紙装。 (3-18029)  ¥1,000

王海清編 橋本勝監修 タカラ出版サービス
函欠。良好。 (302-18030)  ¥8,500


Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum

Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum.
The Centere for East Asia Cultural Studies for Unesco.
The Toyo Bunko.

The Works of Vasubandhu in Sanskrit Manuscript: The Trisvabhavanirdesa, the Vimsatika with its Vritti, and the Trimsika with Sthiramati's Commentary.
Edited by Katsumi Mimaki, Musashi Tachikawa and Akira Yuyama.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 1)
1989 カバー付き。良好。 (No.43-17993)


The Hindu Deities Illustrated: according to the Pratisthalaksanasarasamuccaya.
Compiled by Gudrun Buhnemann and Musashi Tachikawa.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 3)
1990 カバー付き。良好。書き込み等無し。(No.43-17994)

The Devimahatmya Paintings: Preserved at The National Archives, Kathmandu.
With Introductory Remarks and Descriptions of the Paintings. Written by Masahide Mori and Yoshiko Mori. Translated by Rolf W. Giebel.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 9)
1995 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17728)

Two Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Dasabhumikasutra:
Preserved at The National Archives, Kathmandu.
Edited by Kazunobu Matsuda.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 10)
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Old Tibetan Manuscripts from East Turkestan in The Stein Collection of the British Library.
Vol. II: Descriptive Catalogue. Supplement to Volume II: Syllabic Index.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 12)
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Chronicle of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya:
The British Museum Version.
Preserved in the British Library.
With an Introduction written by WYATT, David K.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 14)
1999 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17731)

The Mahavastu-Avadana: In Old Palm-Leaf and Paper Manuscripts.
I: Palm-Leaf Manuscripts.
II: Paper Manuscripts.
YUYAMA, Akira.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 15)
2001 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17732)



アラビア語文典 上下2冊揃
W・ライト 後藤三男訳 
ごとう書房 1987 
函欠。経年良好。 (No.302-17946)

ペルシア語辞典 全3冊揃
縄田鉄男 報光社 1976/19779
良好。 (No.49-17947)

左近義慈編著 教文館 1976
函入。良好。蔵書印有。 (No.302-17948)

旧約聖書 ヘブル語大辞典 付・アラム語辞典
名尾耕作 聖文舎 1982
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インド・ヨーロッパ語族関係 2

W.B.ロックウッド 岩本忠訳
三修社 1987
函入。経年良好。個人印有。 ¥1,000

ハンス・クラーエ改訳 風間喜代三訳
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