Mirza Malkum Khanほか イラン関係洋書

Mirza Malkum Khan: A Study in the History of Iranian Modernism.
ALGAR, Hamid.  California UP. 1973
良好。 (No.302-11006)

The Collected Works of the late Dastur Darab Peshotan Sanjana.
Dastur Darab Peshotan Sanjana.  British India Pr. (Bombay) 1932
経年ヤケ、シミ有。 (No.302-11007)

Anglo-Iranian Relations 1905-1919.
AHMAD, Ishtiaq.  Asia Publishing House (London) 1974
カバー少破れ有。経年良好。 (No.302-1108)

Theory and Practice in Medieval Persian Government.
LAMBTON, A. K. S.  Variorum Reprint (London) 1980
良好。 (302-11021)

The Persian Land Reform 1962-1966.
LAMBTON, A. K. S.  Clarendon Pr. (Oxford) 1969
カバー付き。鉛筆書き入れ有。 (302-11022)

The Communist Movement in Iran.
ZABIH, Sepehr.  Calfornia UP. 1966
少シミ有。蔵書印有。鉛筆書き入れ有。 (302-11023)

Persian Pilgrimage: Being the story of a journey through Persia with its experiences and adventures.
ROSEN, Countess Maud von.  Robert Hale Limited (London) 1937
日焼、シミ、ヨゴレ有。ノド割れ有。 (No.302-11024)

The Qashqa'i Nomads of Fars.
OBERLING, Pierre.  Mouton (The Hague) 1974
カバーシミ有。少マーカーライン有。 (No.302-11010)

The English Amongst the Persians: During the Qajar Period 1787-1921.
WRIGHT, Denis.  Heinemann (London) 1977
カバー付き。良好。 (No.302-11025)

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