インド関係洋書 India

The Book on Trial: Fundamentalism and Censorship in India. KUMAR, Girja.  Har-Anand (Delhi) 1997 カバー付き。良好。 (No.46-12675) ¥2,000

Words Like Freedom: The Memoirs of an Impoverished Indian Family 1947-97.  DUBE, Siddharth. Harper Collns 1998 カバー付き。経年日焼け有。 (No.46-12676) ¥3,000

One Language, Two Scripts: The Hindi Movement in Nineteenth Century North India. KING, Christopher R.  Oxford UP. (Bombay) 1994 カバー付き。経年良好。 (No.46-12677) ¥3,000

The Hindu Nationalist Movement and Indian Politics 1925 to 1990s: Strategies of Identity-Building, Implantation and Mobilisation (with Special reference to Central India.) JAFFRELOT, Christophe.  Penguin Books (New Delhi) 1996 ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.46-12678) ¥2,000

The Concerned Indian's Guide to Communalism. OANIKKAR, K. N.  Viking 1999 ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.46-12679) ¥2,000

NMML Manuscripts: an Introduction. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library 2003 カバー付き。経年良好。 (No.127630046)  ¥4,000

Marga: Ways of Liberation, Empowerment, and Social Change in Maharashtra. NAITO, M. et al. (ed.) Manohar (New Delhi) 2008 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127640046)  ¥3,000

Modern History of Indian Press. GHOSH, Sunit. Cosmo Publications (India) 1998 カバー付き。経年良好。 (No.127650046)  ¥2,000

Smuggling as Subversion: Colonialism, Indian Merchants and the Politics of Opium.  FAROOQUI, Amar. New Age International Publishers (New Delhi) 1998 カバー付き。経年並。 (No.127660046) ¥3,000

The Furies of Indian Cmmunalism: Religion, Modernity and Secularization. VANAIK, Achin. Verso (London) 1997 ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.127670046) ¥4,000

Indian Parliamentary Elections after Independence: Social Changes and Electoral Participation. KONDO, Norio. IDE Japan External Trade Organization 2003 ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.127680046) ¥2,000

The Life and World of Call-Girls in Indian. KAPUR, Promilla.  Vikas Publishing House (New Delhi)  1978 カバー付き。経年並。 (No.127690046)  ¥4,000

Region & Partition: Bengal, Panjab and the Partition of the Subcontinent. TALBOT, Ian. & SINGH, Gurharpal. (ed.) Oxford UP. 1999 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127700046)  ¥4,000

The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories.  Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar. Viking (New Delhi) 2008 カバー付き。良好。(No.127710046) ¥2,000

The Last Jews of Cochin: Jewish Identity in Hindu India.  KATZ, Nathan. & GOLDBERG, Ellen. South California UP. 1993 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127720046) ¥4,000

Dominance without Hegemony: History and Power in Colonial India. GUHA, Ranajit. Harvard UP. 1997 ペーパーバック装。良好。蔵書票添付有り。 (No.127730047) ¥3,000

The Food Industries of British India. ACHAYA, K. T.  Oxford UP. (Delhi)  1994 カバー付き。経年良好。 (No.127740047)  ¥3,000

Japan-South Asia: Security and Economic Perspectives. KESAVAN, K. V. & VARMA, Lalima. (ed.) Lancers Books (Delhi) 2000 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127750047) ¥3,000

Japan Bangladesh Relations 1972-1990. BISWAS, Sukumar. 2005 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127760047) ¥2,000

The Present History of West Bengal: Essays in Political Criticism. CHATTERJEE, Partha. Oxford UP. (Delhi) 1997 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127770047) ¥3,000

The Early Modern Monarchism in Mughal India, with a Bibliographical Survey. KONDO, Osamu. Shoukado (Kyoto) 2012 カバー付き。良好。 (No.127780047) ¥6,000

A Study of the Nilamata: Aspects of Hindism in Ancient Kashmir. IKARI, Yasuke.  Kyoto UP.  1994 函入。美本。 (No.127790047) ¥5,000

The Parsis: An Enlarged & Copiously Annotated, up to Date English Edition of Mlle. Delphine Menant's Les Parsis. 2 Vols. MENANT, MLLE. Delphine.  MURZBAN, M. M. Danai (Bombay) 1994 カバー付き。経年良好。 (No.127800047) ¥8,000

Remembering Lala Shri Ram: Reminiscences on his 100th Birthday. JOSHI, Arun. (ed.)  DCM Limited (Delhi)  カバー付き。良好。 (No.127820047) ¥6,000

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