The Hedaya ほか

The Hedaya: Commentary on the Islamic Laws. 2 Vols.
HAMILTON, Charles. (Translated)   Kitab Bhavan (New Delhi)  1985
reprint ed. カバー付き。経年並。小個人印有。 (No.9-13521)

The Last Messenger with a Lasting Message: An Unconventional Study.
KIRMANI, Ziauddin.   Taj Company (Delhi) 1983
カバー付き。経年並。小個人印有。 (No.304-13522)

Seven Doors to Islam: Spirituality and the Religious Life of Muslims.
RENARD, John.   California UP.  1996
ペーパーバック装。良好。小個人印有。 (No.304-13523)

Sacred Performances: Islam, Sexuality, and Sacrifice.
COMBS-SCHILLING, M. E.   Columbia UP. 1989
ペーパーバック装。良好。小個人印有。 (No.304-13524)

The Mujjaddid's Conception of Tawhid: Study of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindis Doctrine of Unity.
FARUQI, Burhan Ahmad.   Institute of Islamic Culture (Pakistan) 1989
カバー付き。良好。個人蔵印有。 (No.304-13525)   ¥2,000

A Survey of Muslim Institutions and Culture.
HANIFI, Manzoor Ahmad.   SH. Muhammad Ashraf  (Pakistan) 1969
カバー付き。経年並。小個人印有。 (No.304-13526)  ¥2,000

A Modern Arabic Biography of Muhammad: A Critical Study of Muhammad Husayn Haykal's Hay At Muhammad.
WESSELS, Antonie.   Brill (Leiden)  1972
経年良好。小個人印有。 (No.304-13527)

The Islamic Understanding of Death and Resurrection.
SMITH, Jane Idleman. & HADDAD, Yvonne Yazbeck.   State Univ. of NY Pr.  1981
ペーパーバック装。経年並。 (No.304-13528)

A Series of Essays on the Life of Mohammed and Subjects Subsidiary Thereto.
KHAN, Syed Ahmed.   Idarah-i Adabiyat-i Delli (India) 1981
カバー付き。良好。小個人印有。 (No.304-13529)

Islam the Misunderstood Religion.
QUTB, Muhammad.   Ministry of AWQAF & Islamic Affairs (Kuwait)  1964
カバー付き。経年並。 (No.304-13530)   ¥2,000

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