Ottoman - Polish Diplomatic Relations (15th - 18th Century): An Annotated Edition of 'Ahdnames and Other Documents.
KOLODZIEJCZYK, Dariusz.   Brill (Leiden) 2000
表紙シミ有。ほか良好。個人蔵印有。 (No.44-13855) 

Handbook of Ottoman - Turkish Diplomatics.
Revised and expanded translation by EHRENKREUTZ, Andrew S.  Indexed by DAVIS, Fanny E.  Edited by HALASI-KUN, Tibor.   Mouton (The Hague) 1968
経年良好。個人蔵印有。 (44-13856)

An Ottoman Statesman in War & Peace Ahmed Resmi Efendi, 1700-1783.
AKSAN, Virginia H.   E. J. Brill (Leiden) 1995
カバー付き。良好。個人蔵印有。 (44-13857)

An Elizabethan - Ottoman Conspiracy. (Royal University of Malta Historical Studies III)
VELLA, Andrew.   The Royal University of Malta. 1972
良好。 (44-13858)

Between Old and New: The Ottoman Empire under Sultan Selim III 1789-1807.
SHAW, STANFORD J.   Harvard UP. 1971
経年良好。鉛筆書き入れ有。個人蔵印有。 (44-13859)

Le Role Economique des Consuls Ottomans a L'etranger.
VAXELAIRE, Georges.   Charles Bulens (Bruxelles) 発行年不詳
経年並。 (44-13860)

Bureaucratic Reform in the Ottoman Empire: The Sublime Porte 1789-1922.
FINDLEY, Carter V.   Princeton UP. 1980
カバー付き。経年並。個人蔵印有。 (44-13861)

Ottoman Turkish Writers: Bibliographical Dictionary of Significant Figures in Pre-Republican Turkish Literature.
MITLER, Louis.   Peter Lang (NY) 1988
良好。個人蔵印有。 (44-13862)

Hungarian-Ottoman Military and Diplomatic Relations in the Age of Suleyman the Magnificent.
DAVID, Geza. & FODOR, Pal.   Eotvos Lorand Universitiy (Budapest) 1994
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.22-15992)

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