Suleymannameほか 美術関係洋書

Suleymanname: The Illustrated History of Suleyman the Magnificent.
ATIL, Esin.   National Gallery of Art (Washington) 1986
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.30-14613)

The Age of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent.
ATIL, Esin.   National Gallery of Art (Washington) 1987
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.30-14614)

Arts of the Islamic Book: The Collection of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan.
WELCH, A. & WELCH, S. C.   Cornell UP. 1982
ペーパーバック装。経年良好。 (No.30-14615)

From Concept to Context: Approaches to Asian and Islamic Calligraphy.
FU, Shen. LOWRY, G. D. & YONEMURA, Ann.   Freer Gallery of Art (Washington D. C.) 1986
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.30-14616)

A King's Book of Kings: The Shah-Nameh of Shah Tahmasp.
WELCH, Stuart Cary.   The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY)  1972
函入。経年良好。 (No.30-14617)

7000 Years of Iranian Art.
Smithsonian Institution. 1964
ペーパーバック装。経年良好。 (No.30-14618)

Shah 'Abbas & the Arts of Isfahan.
WELCH, Anthony.   Asia House Gallery 1973
ペーパーバック装。経年良好。 (No.30-14619)

Iranian Ceramics.
WILKINSON, Charles K.   Asia House Gallery Publishing 1963
カバーイタミ有。 (No.30-14620)

Art Treasures of Turkey: Circulated by the Smithsonian Institution 1966-1968.
Smithsonian Institution (Washington D. C.) 1966

Freer Gallery of Art Fifth Anniversary Exhibition III. Ceramics from the World of Islam.
ATIL, Esin.   Smithsonian Institution (Washington) 1973
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.30-14622)

Treasures of the Iraq Museum.
BASMACHI, Faraj.   Republic of Iraq Ministry of Information (Baghdad) 1975
ペーパーバック装。経年良好。 (No.30-14623)

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