Encyclopedia of Canonical Hadith ほか

Encyclopedia of Canonical Hadith.
JUYNBOLL, G. H. A.   Brill (Leiden)  2007
美本。 (No.47-15488)
Studies in Early Hadith Literature: with a Critical Edition of Some Early Texts.
Muhammad Mustafa al-A'zami.
Islamic Book Trust (Kuala Lumpur) 2000
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.47-15489)

Hadith Literature: Its Origin, Development & Special Features.
Muhammad Zubayr Siddiqi.  Abdal Hakim Murad. (ed. and Revised)   The Islamic Texts society. (Egypt) 1993
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.47-15490)

The Qur'an as Text.
WILD, Stefan.   Brill (Leiden) 1996
カバー付き。良好。 (No.47-15491)

Anthropomorphism & Interpretation of the Qur'an in the Theology of al-Qasim ibn Ibrahim Kitab al-Mustarshid.
ABRAHAMOV, Binyamin.  Brill (Leiden) 1996
カバー付き。良好。 (No.47-15492)

The Qur'an: Style and Contents.
RIPPIN, Andrew. (ed.)  Ashgate 2001
大学蔵印有。ラベル貼り付け有。 (No.47-15493)

The Qur'an: Formative Interpretation.
RIPPIN, Andrew. (ed.)  Ashgate 1999
良好。 (No.47-15494)

The Development of Islamic Ritual.
HAWTING, Gerald (ed.)  Ashgate 2006
良好。 (No.47-15495)

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