Encyclopedia of the book ほか

Encyclopedia of the Book. Second Edition with a New Introduction by Donald Farren.
GLAISTER, Geoffrey Ashall.   Oak Knoll Press & The British Library. 1996
カバー付き。良好。 (No.49-15917)

Lexikon der Buchkunst und der Bibliophilie.
WALTHER, Karl Klaus. (Hrsg.)   Nikol (Hamburg) 2006
カバー付き。美本。 (No.49-15918)

Art of the Printed Book 1455-1955: Masterpieces of Typography through Five Centuries from the Collections of the Pierpont Morgan Library New York.
BLUMENTHAL, Joseph. (Essay)   The Pierpont Morgan Library (NY.) 1973
ペーパーバック装。良好。 (No.49-15919)

Books as History: The Importance of Books beyond their texts.
PEARSON, David.   The British Library & Oak Knoll Press (London) 2008
カバー付き。良好。 (No.49-15920)

The British Library Guide to Bookbinding: History and Techniques.
MARKS, P. J. M.   Toronto UP. 1998
良好。 (No.49-15921)

Conservar y Restaurar Papel.
Parramon (Espana) 2005
良好。 (No.49-15922)

Piers Plowman. The Z-Version. A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford MS Bodley 851. Produced by Tomonori MATSUSHITA.
LANGLAND, William.   Senshu University (Tokyo) 2008
ペーパーバック装。CD付き。 (No.49-15923)

Napoleon Raconte par l’Ecrit: Livres anciens, manuscrits, documents imprimes et autographes, iconographie.
R. Chamonal et F. Teissedre (Paris) 2004
カバー付き。良好。 (No.49-15924)

Ferne Gefahrten: 150 Jahre Deutsch-Japanische Beziehungen.
Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung fur die Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen und dem Verband der Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaften. (Hrsg.)
Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung fur die Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen. 2011
良好。 (No.49-15925)

Heralds of Science: as represented two hundred epochal books and pamphlets in the Dibner Library, Smithonian Institution.
DIBNER, Bern.   Burndy Library and Smithsonian Institution. 1980
良好。 (No.49-15926)

Dictionnaire de termes en usage dans le commerce des livres anciens en francais, anglais, allemand et italien. / Dictionary of terms & expressions commonly used in the antiquarian booktrade in French, English, German and Italian.
良好。 (No.49-15927)

Deutsche Literatur der Barockzeit. Neue Folge. (Katalog Nr. 770)
Haus der Bucher AG. (Hrsg.)    Haus der Bucher AG (Basel)  良好。 (No.49-15928)

Bibliographie Critique des ouvrages francais: relatifs aux etats-unis (1770-1880)
FAY, Bernard.   Burt Franklin (NY.) 1968
reprint of the 1925 ed. 経年良好。 (No.49-15929)

Carolus Linnaeus SYSTEMA NATURAE 1735. Facsimile of the First Edition with an Introduction and a first English Translation of the ''Observationes'' by Dr. M. S. J. Engel-Ledeboer and Dr. H. Engel. (Dutch Classics on History of Science. Vol. VIII)
LINNAEUS, Carolus.   Nieuwkoop & B. de Graaf. 1964
良好。 (No.49-15930)

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