Thesaurus Syriacus. 2 Vols. and Supplement.
SMITH, Payne. (ed.)   Georg Olms (Hildesheim)  1981
reprint of 1879-1901 Oxford edition. Vol. 1,2: 28.5cm. vi,v,1863,4515pp. Supplement: by MARGOLIOUTH, J. P.

Traite de grammire Syriaque, ecriture, phonetique, orthographie les parties du discours et les formes des mots syntaxe, index des mots.
DUVAL, Rubens.   Philo Press (Amsterdam) 1969
23cm. xl,447pp.

A Compendious Syriac Dictionary. Founded upon the Thesaurs Syriacus of R. Payne Smith, D. D.
SMITH, J. Payne. (ed.)   Oxford. 1985
25cm. 626pp.    ¥5,000

Sprachatlas von Syrien. 3 Bde. (Kartenband, Beiheft, Bd. II: Volkskundliche Texte.)
BEHNSTEDT, Peter.   Harrassowitz Verlag (Wiesbaden) 1997/2000

History of Asceticism in the Syrian Orient: A Contribution to the History of Culture in the Near East. 2 Vols.  Vol. 1: The Origin of Asceticism Early Monasticism in Persia.  Vol. 2: Early Monasticism in Mesopotamia and Syria. 
VOOBUS, Arthur.   Louvain (Waversebaan) 1960
paperback. 25cm. xxxvii,342,xxxii,437pp.  ¥8,000

The Syriac Version of the Old Testament. An Introduction.
Weitzman, M. P.   Cambridge UP. 1999
dw. 25.5cm. xv,355pp. (No.43-17343)

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