Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum

Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum.
The Centere for East Asia Cultural Studies for Unesco.
The Toyo Bunko.

The Works of Vasubandhu in Sanskrit Manuscript: The Trisvabhavanirdesa, the Vimsatika with its Vritti, and the Trimsika with Sthiramati's Commentary.
Edited by Katsumi Mimaki, Musashi Tachikawa and Akira Yuyama.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 1)
1989 カバー付き。良好。 (No.43-17993)


The Hindu Deities Illustrated: according to the Pratisthalaksanasarasamuccaya.
Compiled by Gudrun Buhnemann and Musashi Tachikawa.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 3)
1990 カバー付き。良好。書き込み等無し。(No.43-17994)

The Devimahatmya Paintings: Preserved at The National Archives, Kathmandu.
With Introductory Remarks and Descriptions of the Paintings. Written by Masahide Mori and Yoshiko Mori. Translated by Rolf W. Giebel.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 9)
1995 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17728)

Two Sanskrit Manuscripts of the Dasabhumikasutra:
Preserved at The National Archives, Kathmandu.
Edited by Kazunobu Matsuda.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 10)
1996 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17729)

Old Tibetan Manuscripts from East Turkestan in The Stein Collection of the British Library.
Vol. II: Descriptive Catalogue. Supplement to Volume II: Syllabic Index.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 12)
TAKEUCHI, Tsuguhito.
1998 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17730)

Chronicle of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya:
The British Museum Version.
Preserved in the British Library.
With an Introduction written by WYATT, David K.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 14)
1999 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17731)

The Mahavastu-Avadana: In Old Palm-Leaf and Paper Manuscripts.
I: Palm-Leaf Manuscripts.
II: Paper Manuscripts.
YUYAMA, Akira.
(Bibliotheca Codicum Asiaticorum 15)
2001 カバー付き。美本。(No.53-17732)



アラビア語文典 上下2冊揃
W・ライト 後藤三男訳 
ごとう書房 1987 
函欠。経年良好。 (No.302-17946)

ペルシア語辞典 全3冊揃
縄田鉄男 報光社 1976/19779
良好。 (No.49-17947)

左近義慈編著 教文館 1976
函入。良好。蔵書印有。 (No.302-17948)

旧約聖書 ヘブル語大辞典 付・アラム語辞典
名尾耕作 聖文舎 1982
函欠。経年良好。極少赤ボールペン線引有。 (No.303-17949)